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  "Made by hand.....because we don't know how to use the machines..."  

Welcome to Wilkes guitars

Wilkes Guitars is a small business which I run from home, building bespoke instruments and carrying out repairs on acoustic and electric instruments from violins to double basses. I pride myself in providing a bespoke service that is second to none. No job is too small, or too big.

Doug finishes the 24 String Lyre Harp Guitar

24 String Lyre Harp Guitar

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If you have a vision of an instrument you want me to build, whether it is something as relatively straightforward as a 6 string bass, a twin neck like this one, or as outlandish as a violin or guitar made in the shape of your initials such as the one I made for Robbie Williams, I can build it....!

I also provide instrument servicing such as guitar / bass set ups, including checking and setting the intonation, restringing and stoning of frets to name but a few of my many services.

Maybe your instrument has had an accident and you think it is beyond repair, think again..! I have restored many ‘hopeless cases’ back to their former glory. You would be surprised how many guitars that have been stood on, crushed, or had the neck snapped, that I have invisibly repaired to the delight of the customer. Click here to watch a video of my progress in repairing a 1930s Maccaferri acoustic guitar.

I pride myself on the quality of my spraying, where a minimum of 20 coats of paint and lacquer – all sanded down and flattened between coats - ensures the hardest wearing and highest lustre finish.

Click this image for more information about this lovely twin neck recently finished by Doug.

I have a small personal workshop and my main concern is attention to detail which is most impoortant to me, and that is what I provide. If you have any queries about repairs, rebuilds or new builds, I would be only too happy to talk through any concerns or ideas you may have and try to resolve them. I can be contacted after 12pm from Mon - Fri.


Click here for a selection of instruments currently available for purchase from the workhsop

Click to load the Doug Wilkes YouTube video channel

Who is playing Wilkes..?

I am developing a new 'Players' section of my web site where I am ecouraging people who own / play one of my instruments to send in pictures and info about themselves. See who is currently featured by clicking here.

Doug Wilkes has been manufacturing custom guitars, violins and speaker systems for over 30 years
For more information, please telephone 01782 624650 or email d.wilkes@sky.com